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Crystal Chandeliers with fairy lights
Tine and her bridemaids under the tree.j

trinity photography



The original 1800s bank barn sits on a once 20 acre horse farm. The weathered wood beams tell of its history, and its worn wood adorns the space in a beautifully neutral palette. The century-old barn is rooted to overlook a sea of golden fields in Carroll County, Maryland. Located 30 minutes south of Gettysburg, PA and 50 minutes southwest of Baltimore City, MD.

The barn, orchard, bridal suite, and groom's quarters provide an effortless setting for weddings and events. The venue's exposed structure and lofty ceilings establish an airy ambiance, while its expansive doors allow for soft, natural light and a seamless transition to the paver terrace and large deck. Facing into beautiful, tree lined sunsets, Montagu Meadows is the perfect spot to celebrate any extraordinary event.

Named after family member Montagu Hankin, a WWII vet who passed but his legacy lives on through our venue and couples.

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